Elderly Woman at Ang Mo Kio Digs up Trash and Leaves Litter Around, Scolds Those Who Stop Her

Wheelchair bound woman creating havoc at AMK Ave 10 by digging up trash from the bins at block 556.

This problem has persisted for a period of time, despite numerous complaints made by residents to the town council and multiple police reports had been made, situation has not changed.

When the cleaners try to empty the trash from the bin, this old lady would turned violent and stood up from her wheelchair and tried to hit the cleaners with her walking stick.

When some residents try to stop this woman from dirtying the public areas with the trash she dug out, this public nuisance would hurled vulgarities at them.

The woman’s family are staying at a nearby block, they are not co-operative in helping the authorities to solve the issue.

Concerned residents are annoyed and mentally stress up over such an act during covid-19, whereby public hygiene is important. This lady never wears mask and is always outside Hwi Yoh Senior Citizens’ Club.

Many are puzzled as in why the grassroots leaders from the club are not concerned over what they’ve witnessed. The residents are at wits end and thus turned to social media in the hope that the concerned issue can bring awareness to the public and related statutory board and hopefully the situation would improve as soon as possible.

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