Students Protest Outside MOE Building, Asking MOE to End Discrimination Against LGBTQ+

A group of students gathered outside the MOE building at Buona Vista today in a peaceful demonstration calling for MOE to end discrimination against LGBTQ+ students.

This comes after a transgender student, who was not allowed to proceed with hormone therapy, recently spoke out about how she felt discriminated by MOE and the school. MOE subsequently published a half-hearted response using the wrong gender pronouns to refer to the student.

A protester holding a banner with the hashtag #FixSchoolsNotStudents.

About twenty minutes into the protest, the protesters were asked to leave by authorities.

A video shows the protesters subsequently arrested by the police.

A statement issued by students and supporters urged the Minister Lawrence Wong to end “discrimination and harassment against LGBTQ+ students” and asked MOE to “apologise for the harm done by schools to LGBTQ+ students through their schools’ discriminatory practices”.

It included a list of “discriminatory and intrusive practices by schools”:

Picture credits: Kirsten Han

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