Uncle Roger Prefers The Taste of Renminbi to MSG

Fellow Singaporeans… and overseas Chinese people I guess.

Today is a sad day. Beloved UK-based, Malaysian Comedian Nigel Ng with his famous act as “Uncle Roger” has deleted a video… in the name of Chinese Censorship.

For context, several days ago Uncle Roger collaborated with YouTube channel “Strictly Dumpling”, ran by foodie “Mike Chen”. Through a zoom call and snippets of an “Epicurious” video, they criticized the video in which a Hotel Chef botches the art of dumpling making from the dough being too thick and insufficient meat filling inside a wanton . It had absolutely no mention of politics in it at all and was generally good for killing away 15 minutes of idle time. So where does Censorship come in all of this?

Apparently he had to take the video down days later because “Strictly Dumpling” has expressed opinions negative of the Chinese government… in the past. As to what or whom placed this pressure on this innocuous video is beyond public speculation. Ranging from a potential boycott of content on Chinese Social Media platforms, Chinese Sponsors threatening to terminate partnerships or some darker, more authoritarian threat… the true culprit is still anyone’s guess.

For those skeptical on this viewpoint or others who cite that this “Mike Chen” guy=may be some anti-China hawk, this Netizen would like to point out that he has collaborated with various other YouTubers and none of them had to delete their videos over politics, caving into pressure because those videos had political views or his own political views are toxic. Former BuzzFeed IP “The Try Guys” , celebrity interviews in the midst of hot wings “First We Feast”, competitive eater “Matt Stonie”, The Food arm of “insider.com”… It is strange why their videos did not receive external pressure to be deleted from YouTube… but Uncle Roger was strong-armed into doing so.

Now let me be clear, I love Uncle Roger. He may be a stereotype, but it works on so many levels because it accurately parodies my own Polo T-Shirt, khaki shorts wearing, foot-on-chair sitting father. However, I cannot forgive him for such an act that frankly does not even make much sense. According to Google Statistics, Uncle Roger’s main viewers come from Singapore, Malaysia & other places that have sizable Overseas Chinese communities. Interest from the Mainland itself is at #6, with Australia at #7. I only found this out by scrolling through his channel casually… only for it to be gone.

A final piece of information on this controversy, it was he and his team that decided to delete the video. NOT Uncle Roger and Strictly Dumpling, Uncle Roger and his team of editors / advisers. Maybe he has something hidden within his bag of Aji-no-moto. Red banknotes ?! Then surely he can do without our viewership and the green-blue money it provides to him through ad revenue.

Do not mistake this as a sign that our leadership is fine. I overhear rumors on some forests being rezoned for property development… as well as the potential hosting of the World Economic Forum… it will not be long till I write local issues again…

Your Loyal Reader, Justin

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