Many Sinkies Want Change, But Nobody Wants To Be That Change

<Reader’s Contribution>

Dear Editors,

What I often overhear, are ignorant Singaporeans proclaiming that “Western Civilisation” is “white supremacy”!

Firstly, that’s a very misconstrued concept held and believed by Asians who feel inferior to the White Man. Truth of the matter is: “the White man is not and no more superior than Asians or any other peoples!”

What is superior, are the “Western Values” they imported to the world. The idea of Rule of Law, Representative Democracy, an independent Judiciary, functioning Civil Institutions etc. all these ideals are being adopted by India, M’sia, South Africa, Pakistan though they’ve democratic problems of their own. These are internal issues to be resolved, not the fault of western values or any White man.

If Asians can simply put aside their pride, self-entitlement, arrogance and greed, then we can build a mighty continent here beginning with ASEAN. As it is if we can get our act together, we are already strategically mightier than the EU itself!

Before we criticise the United States or its current situation, we have to first look at our own democratic socialist governance in Asia that brought us much suffering and oppression in the region. The ideals of free speech and capitalism the US brought to the world are constantly challenged by China with their own fascist, crony capitalist system they’re trying to coerce Asians into adopting! No need to glance further than what’s occurring in HK itself. If such a system is better than the US, I rest my case and wait for the worst!

Though in S’pore we’re known for our economics and development, but our human index is appalling low and we appear rather foolish on world stage when it comes to human rights and civil society issues. No surprise not a single one here can genuinely represent us at internationally held intellect forums as we’re always busy demolishing ourselves from within. All I witness are “blind bitching” of other political systems by those keyboard warriors here who neither lived nor worked overseas. Those that do, usually remain silent out of awareness at our own flaws and much work to be done in our own courtyard.

The ever present choice for all S’poreans as we navigate choppy waters ahead boils down to these 2: “ a false sense of peace and prosperity while surrendering all autonomy i.e. blind adherence to the PAP or rising up and building a healthy, alternative Parliament not dominated by only 2 parties to decide our destiny.” It’s your call to make and as the Holy book says: “I can only urge you to choose life!”

Dan De Costa

p.s. who wants to change (everyone raise hands), who wants to be that change (awful silence)

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