MOE Clarifies But Still Misgenders Transgender Student

MOE has denied interfering with the transgender student’s hormonal treatment but still referred to the student as a “he”, sparking outrage among netizens.

In a Facebook statement on Sat, 16 Jan 2021, MOE said:

MOE is aware of the Reddit post which claimed that MOE had interfered with a student’s hormonal treatment. This is not true.

We invite the student to approach the school to clarify and discuss how the school can support his schooling better.

MOE and schools work closely with and respect the professional advice given by MOH’s healthcare professionals. We are not in a position to interfere with any medical treatment, which is a matter for the family to decide on.

All schools have a duty of care to students and will work closely with parents and medical professionals. We encourage students who experience unkind behaviour from peers to approach the teachers or school leaders as they are committed to keep students safe.

Netizens were quick to note MOE’s deliberate choice of the wrong pronoun:

Instead of clearing the air, MOE’s “clarification” backfired spectacularly as its attempt at debunking the allegations was seen as weak, hypocritical and passive-aggressive.

Netizens were also appalled that MOE could even think of asking the student to approach the school when it was the school principal who was the problem!

MOE needs to wake up and stop thinking that it can do nothing about the issue. Its statement has done nothing other than shown disrespect to the student and shifting the responsibility to the student and the school!

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