Foodpanda Rider Catches Thief Who Turned Out To Be Fellow Rider

A Foodpanda rider discovered that his expensive bicycle light was stolen after a fellow rider delivered his food order to his house.

When he checked his CCTV, he realized that rider stole it.

Coincidentally, he also works in the same foodpanda zone as the thief.

He puts out a message to everyone in the Telegram zone chat and warns the thief that he is not safe and to return it by 9pm.

Everyone spreads it and within 30mins, the thief messages him back to say sorry and asked him to delete the CCTV video as he will be returning it.

This should be shown to the public as the thief has already committed the crime and who knows how many other items have been stolen from other customers as well.

Reader’s contribution: foodpanda downtown rider

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