Netizens Want To Delete TraceTogether App After Revelation That Data Can Be Used In Police Investigations

Having felt betrayed by the PAP, netizens are talking about deleting the TraceTogether App or abandoning their tokens.

Initially, PAP ministers assured the public that the TraceTogether data would be collected solely for the purpose of contact tracing but since MOS Desmond Tan admitted yesterday that the data could be used in police investigations, netizens were outraged at the PAP going back on their promise and vowed to have nothing to do with the app or token.

There is even a “cancel TraceTogether” petition to stop the authorities from taking away Singaporeans’ privacy rights.

Clearly, Singaporeans are not going to take this latest betrayal lying down. They have had enough of the PAP’s lies and are refusing to let the PAP trap their citizens with a mandatory tracing (or tracking) device.

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