Govt Finally Admits That They Use TraceTogether Data For Purposes Other Than Contact Tracing

Singaporeans who were concerned about using TraceTogether because it might possibly violate their data privacy have been proven right all along!

In parliament today, MOS Desmond Tan said that the police have the right to obtain TraceTogether data for criminal investigations.

This is despite the TraceTogther Privacy Safeguard statement that claims that the data gathered will only be used for contact tracing purposes. Last year, PAP Ministers Vivian Balakrishnan and Lawrence Wong even came out to convince Singaporeans that their worries about privacy were unfounded and reiterated that the data will not be used for non-contact tracing purposes.

Now we know that it’s a lie. The PAP has once again betrayed the trust of Singaporeans and are using all their powers to shackle a tracing device on all of us to be used against ordinary citizens.

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