Food Panda Suspends Riders Without Verifying Customers’ Claim Of Missing Items

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Dear Editors,

Lately Foodpanda had decided to suspend riders for items that customers claimed missing upon delivery. Foodpanda doesnt even make confirmation with the riders if the customer’s claim of missing items are verified or not.

Firstly, all food items are sealed by vendors prior to collection by riders. The riders can only know the quantity of items and are not allowed to open the packaging. If items that are missing in the packaging, the riders will also be put to blame and is it fair for the riders? There is an instance where on the receipt stated not cutlery needed, but upon arrival at the customer’s place, they insisted that they had requested for cutleries. So my next question is, who is to be blamed?

Secondly, for pandashops, they can click items not available and henceforth there will be a change in the riders app of the items to be collected. But for pandamart itself, this is not the way. The Pandamart packers will inform their side who will then take a long time to make changes and waste riders time in completing the delivery. The Pandamart staff will then instruct the riders to deliver the remaining items and claimed that they had inform Slack of the missing items. This is also based of word of mouth and no documentation that they had do so. Even when riders inform Dispatch, they will say that the bill amount will be adjusted on the back end. So when customers claimed missing items, the blame falls on the riders again. I attached pictures to show how riders waited at Pandamart Outram that highlighted this claim of many riders waiting for orders to be ready.

Communication between the riders and the riders managers are via raising tickets in their app. When raising ticket, the manager claimed that warnings were given to affected riders prior to the suspension but personally for me when i go thru my emails, there is none. Subsequent tickets raised and replies that the relevant departments will investigate into the matter. My next question is are they even qualified to even to investigate and inform affected riders of the outcome of the investigations and can riders rebutt the customers’ claims of missing items?

A.S.S Loyal Reader

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