Eu Yan Sang Misled Customers With Dishonest Sales Promo Pricing

I hope you can publish this misleading/less than honest sales promo pricing tactic by Eu YanSang (EYS) so that the public is aware.

I was charged $111.80 for  a 2 + 1 free box of Jumbo chicken essence with American Ginseng & Cordyceps at EYS Compassone mall  store. Based on sales promo price label,  I had expected to pay only $50.90 x 2 = $101.80. See sales promo price label below:

However, I was charged regular price of $55.90 for each of 2 boxes to get free box. It’s not clear and highly misleading that one needs to pay the regular price of $55.90 for each of 2 boxes to get free box.  I Whatsapp to a group of 8  family members and friends and all agree that they expect to pay promo price of $50.90 x 2 t get 1 free box.

Extract of my receipt which I paid $111.80 is below:

Despite my email complaint and request that EYS should  replace misleading sales promo price label to be clearer and more transparent, EYS claims that it is the market practice to charge regular price for 2 + 1 free promo, and see no wrong doing.

I disagreed and when told that it will not be good for EYS if this goes out to social media, EYS replied that it would not be threatened and it was my perogative to share in social media.  

EYS offered a complimentary box of cookies in 1st reply, and a full refund in their second reply. I rejected both as all I wanted was EYS to be clearer and more transparent with sales promo pricing. See reply extract from EYS Customer relations officer Ms Rachel: 

Not only was the sales promo pricing misleading, EYS was not being honest with the sales promotion dates. EYS retail staff told me promotion was for 4 days only, and would end on Sun 22 Nov. However, it was still on for total of 13 days, till last Wed 2 Dec 2020 (could well be beyond 2 Dec 2020 as I didn’t check further).

EYS claimed that extended sales promo was due to customer feedback, but the 2 + 1 free promo was over. However, I walked past the store and found all promotion including the Buy 2 get 1 free promo was still ongoing. EYS was being dishonest not once but thrice.

It took EYS Head of Customer Relations 13 days to reply despite 3 reminders to Customer Relations officer.  For a Head of Customer Relations to take 13 days to respond to a potentially risky dent to their reputation is IMO unacceptable, not withstanding subsequent claims that Head of Customer Relations was on 2 weeks leave. I was initially told he was on one day leave, and not for 2 weeks.

Such misleading, less than honest sales promotion and poor customer service should have no place today, more so by an established brand name such as Eu Yan Sang.

I hope you can share this with your readers. Thank you.

<Reader’s contribution: Benny>

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