Why Didn’t PM Lee Sue His Siblings If He Felt Defamed By Their Statements?

Dear Editors,

I refer to this article:


“He added that he had also republished his ministerial statements outside Parliament, thereby waiving his parliamentary privilege. This would allow his siblings to sue him over the statements, but they have not done so, he pointed out.”

Huh?! Simi lanjiao?! If you got a problem with what they said, then you should sue them! Not give this kind of lame excuse, saying they never sue you back means you must be correct!

Wah lao eh! This kind of kukujiao reason also can give! Win liao lor! Everything also you say one! Champion siah!

Orh! When you don’t sue them, it’s because it will further besmirch your parents’ names! But if they never sue you back, it’s because they are bloody cowards! Right? Everything also you correct one!

Person A do something. Person B also do the same thing. Person C also do the same bloody thing! But he don’t go after person A and B, he only go after C! Why? Because he is not obligated to sue everyone!

No need for fair and equal treatment! Can suka suka target one! Wah, so good siah!

Angry Citizen

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