Changi Recommends GetIt Admits Mistake And Promises To Improve

Dear Editor,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to you regarding your recent article Customer Suspects GetIt By ChangiRecommends Could Be Scam After Undelivered Whisky Order

First and foremost, I recognise that Get It is not perfect and has plenty of room for improvement. For that, I am sincerely apologetic to Tom for what he had to go through, as I feel that customers deserve smooth and seamless transactions and all companies should strive their best to achieve it. In fact, even before Tom’s case, Get It had recently begun exploring ways to finetune its processes to cope with increasing orders as we approach the festive holidays.

For Tom’s case, we accept full responsibility for being unable to deliver within the 3 – 7 days stated on our website. Our incoming shipment of stocks were delayed, something not unheard of in this pandemic, and would only arrive in time for a delivery by 15 December. This was shared to Tom via WhatsApp and he was initially agreeable to the delivery being completed latest 15 December. If I may point out, 15 December is actually in a few days’ time and has not passed, even though he has proceeded with his actions before that.

After agreeing to a 15 December delivery, he changed his mind and requested for a refund instead, which our customer service representative agreed to even though we, as businesses usually do, have a no-refunds policy that he agreed to before payment was made. I believe most companies will not accede to such requests as the deadline for delivery has not passed. However, Get It recognises that he is unhappy with his purchase and opted to forego any profits for our customer’s happiness instead.

For credit card payments, it is normal for refunds from companies to take 7 – 14 business days. This is because the company needs to communicate with the bank to reverse the payment, and for the bank to process it as well. In no way would delaying a refund be beneficial for us – we have already lost the sale. Tom received his refund yesterday. If you backtracked the dates, you would realise that Get It had initiated the refund without any delay, as the refund was processed on the 7th day of the refund agreement and 7 days is the minimum duration for a refund to process. As such, we beg to differ to purposely delaying the refund as the dates won’t add up and there is simply no incentive for us to do so.

To conclude, most importantly, I would once again like to apologise to Tom for the pains he had gone through, and my clarifications via this email is in no way faulting him at all – we recognise 100% that he is the victim and Get It could have done a better job. We are sorry for this. Through this email, I am merely hoping to highlight that Get It has tried its best to accommodate and make it up to the customer, as much as we can. Although it still fell short, I seek your kind understanding that we are trying and I hope that the clarifications shared in this email would help you make an objective decision to reconsider the article.

Thank you.

Shaun Tan
Asst Manager Changi Recommends

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