Customer Suspects GetIt By ChangiRecommends Could Be Scam After Undelivered Whisky Order

I ordered 4 bottles of whisky online from Get It Changi Recommends, their company name is Changi Travel Services Pte Ltd, on 22 Nov 2020. Order number #74718.

I waited for a week after no response from them, so I decided to ask for an update on my orders on 27 Nov 2020 and I was told that 2 of the 4 whisky will only be delivered on 15 Dec 2020 or earlier and they asked if I wanted to go ahead with partial delivery, and I responded yes I would like to have the partial delivery first.

On 30 Nov 2020, I asked for another update on the partial delivery, they replied saying they tried to deliver but the office was closed and will make arrangements to deliver within the week. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, thinking maybe there is some mixed up or something with the deliveries, that could have caused the delay.

I waited for another week to go by before asking them again on 03 Dec 2020, when are they going to deliver my items? They never give a specific date or time, they just replied will notify you for the delivery.

Feel a bit suspicious and fishy about the way this company is operating, I decided to ask for a refund or self collection at their store/warehouse on 8 Dec 2020. They replied saying they do not have the self collection option and will expedite the delivery. And they never replied on the refund part.

So I informed them about reporting them to the police and warning the public about them through social media and mainstream media outlets if they refused to refund me my money by 09 Dec 2020 evening. They replied saying they will coordinate with their team to schedule the delivery this week. Which I know is just one of their lip services and empty promise to delay more time.

On the 09 Dec 2020, I sent them a reminder to transfer me back my money by 09 Dec 2020, 6pm evening. A last chance to see if they are really sincere about making things right for their customers or just simply paying lip services to customers.

Last they replied if I wanted a full refund, and I said yes, and it will take 7-14 business days for the refund, which I already knew was part of their plan to delay more time, which confirmed my suspicion about this company.

The 6pm dateline expired and they did not return me my money so I decided to make a police report to warn the public about this company.

There have been multiple negative reviews online about this company experiencing similar incidents as mine, such as stall tactics and unpaid refunds which led me to assume I am not the only victim of their elaborate scam.

This is the first time I am writing a negative review for any company and I am not the kind of person that likes to find fault or trouble maker type of person. Just wanted to save others from going through this hassle/scam. Sharing is caring. Peace.

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