Punggol MP & Town Council Useless In Getting Neighbour To Remove Clutter Along Corridor

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There are many complaints about clutters and plants residents put in common corridor. I had discussed my case with friends and they suggested to share here as well.

My “new neighbour” cramping up the common corridor with clutters and many plants.

I informed Punggol TC in March. TC officer in charge of the block 186 issued a notice to neighbour and replied to me that it allows resident to place a single row of potted plants outside their unit, will get neighbour to remove clutters and will monitor for compliance.

So many months passed, the neighbour did not comply and nothing much has changed. The clutters and excessive plants still there.

In Oct, the new MP did a house visits, I informed her and she viewed the situation. I followed up with email. MP replied and instructed RC and Tc to get the neighbour to clear clutters thru email. Few weeks have passed since then and nothing happened.

One of my friends staying at higher floor in the same block also received a notice on clutter and plants from TC earlier. That resident complied promptly by removing the plants, laundry and clutters.

Few questions and confusion raised about clutters and plants in the common corridor:

  1. It is amazing that some willing to comply and removed their things, but some don’t and can continue to put theirs. Shall residents comply, is it compulsory to comply upon receiving such notice? What is the deadline for compliance and what actions will be taken by TCs after deadline or just talk only?
  2. In the past there was a rule of 1 row of plants per household and not allowed to put other belongings. What are the rules now? E.g. what quantity of plants and belongings are allowed. Where to put these. Can residents put more plants and clutters when corridor area is bigger? Are the rules and compliance same for various towns or it all depends on individual?
  3. Some friends raised concerned about unwelcomed items on the corridor affecting them when selling their flat. Is this fair?
  4. Is it TC’s duty to keep the corridor clear of clutter and ensure residents use it in good order? I guess it may not be one of the Performance Indicator that authorities evaluated TCs annually as we are seeing the problems now. Perhaps adding it for evaluation will solve this problem and avoid neighour dispute.

There was already a prior incident. Some other resident complained about unwanted bicycle in common area last year. TC then pasted notice to those bicycles that they will be remove after stipulated date but failed to follow through with actions. This is the second incident without effective follow through actions.

It will be good to hear clarification from various towns so that residents will know what to expect on clutters and plants.

Netizens kindly share your experience, views or expectations too.

Punggol Resident

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