Beware Of Fuji Bakery In Ang Mo Kio With Bad Attitude Staff

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Dear ASS

On 3 December while choosing some breads at Fuji Bakery at Ang Mo Kio Central in afternoon with mum, a sales lady in middle age was filling up the display of bread, after using the wooden stool she kicked the stool out in the middle of walking area and when my mum was moving around to select breads, her leg kicked the wooden stool, and her leg became swollen with bruises.

And she told the cashier guy but that guy seems to be ignorance didn’t say anything or apology. That sales lady attitude also very bad when mum speak out to her she also looks unhappy while continue displaying the breads. That bakery shop staffs attitude are bad and can see that there are flies flying around on breads displaying outside their shops but fortunately those breads and cakes was packed properly. Or else I don’t know how many customers might fall sick after eating it.

I want to inform and remind those who buy breads from this bakery shop to be alert and careful in future.

Anonymous Contributor

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