Murali Shouldn’t Be MP When He Can’t Even Raise Sons Properly

Murali’s family background is Sembawang, arguably the toughest Indian neighbourhood with lots of colourful characters including the late Subhas Anandan and his own brush with the law.

They all know each other down the various family lines as I am told and it is hard to say no to things and the various influences that are involved. It probably explains why he left the Police Force.

Both his twin sons were in Poly at that time, both wayward. I always wondered why bother to serve as MP to look after constituents when you cant even look after your own kids. He also does not need the money.

One of the sons was a frequent patron of an Indian pub I think it was in Lucky Plaza. He takes a video screwing a girl in the toilet there, both high as a kite. The girl has copy of the clip in her phone plus another clip of a previous session.

The girl is detained at the Club by Police for causing trouble and hands the phone to her friend. That friend’s boyfriend sees the video and sends a copy to someone else for safekeeping.

Extortion commences. Because the initial amount is very high, they go to the Police who set the trap. The 2 chaps involved in the extortion are persuaded to change the venue closer to Murali’s home at Watten Estate. .

At the location, the Police move in and a high speed car chase follows along PIE. The police stop the chase due to danger to others but the 2 chap are picked up later. The culprits are also from Sembawang.

You can figure out how the girl got a high. And how the son ended up in Jail.

The girl he was screwing is in the same group as the extortionist who has a long record and only recently had come out of Changi. So you can imagine the company the son keeps.

Son’s clubbing, not returning home, flashy clothes, spending etc I am told are well known.

As usual the mainstream press was told not to cover the son’s case. News blackout.

It was someone known to Murali that wrote the facebook post about Murali not listening to him about his sons’ behaviour. The post was removed quickly but Murali was poorly advised and made the hasty online post – bad move.

I think after Lim Kim San’s departure from the selection process, candidates have been spotty. Ivan’s case surprised me as the usual background check for potential MPs used to be thorough.


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