Covid-19 Swab Testing Too Rough, Says Airport Worker

Airport workers such as myself have gone 3 times Covid-19 test at Airport Terminal 4 and 2 times @ Jurong Area.

Out of 5 times, 2 times I feel the tester do it roughly that even after seeing tears rolling off my eyes and see me wince in pain, they do not care.

This is very worrying for me, I can stand pain but you guys are rotating the nerves deep inside my nasal and there is even one guy twist it? Is this right way of testing?

And this guy by the name of Joshua seems like he didn’t care of our feelings and only want to get the job done. Or worst he even enjoyed our suffering. If he can treat airport workers this way, imagine how he did to those foreign workers! He is inhumane.

Please do supervise the testers and make sure they take the samples correctly without more than necessary force than needed. This way will one day do irreversible damage to our nose and throat.

<Reader’s contribution: Zhar>

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