Group Paid $435 To Book Entire Cinema Hall For 3h Private Gaming Session

Last Saturday (21 Nov), a group of 4 friends showed their support to local cinema operators by booking the entire hall at GV Funan for a 3-hour private gaming session.

It cost $435 with free popcorn and drink for each person (subject to availability) for the 3-hour session with their own gaming console. (GV also offered another option of $455 with free choice of small bites.)

What made them decide to do this?

Firstly, they told ASS that being stuck in Singapore, they wanted to try something adventurous here besides staycation and shopping.

Secondly, they shared that Malaysia cinema offers this kind of experience to the consumer so they thought why not they try this in SG cinema.

After they made the decision, they emailed all the cinema operators in Singapore if it’s possible to use their cinema for gaming and only GV got back to them.

Before the booking date, the group was allowed to bring their console and lan cable (no wifi in cinema) for testing at their hall. Once everything tested ok, they were given a contract to sign and a link to make payment in order to secure their booking.

Overall, it was an awesome experience for them. Speaking to ASS, they said they hope their story can inspire others to try it with their friends and family. “Not only is it good for our local business but for group bonding as well.”

Their only gripe was that if the price was less expensive, say around $300, it would make them consider going more often.

With Singaporeans willing to support local cinema operators through such new experiences, maybe it’s time for more cinema operators here to offer attractive packages for gaming and other things besides movie and sleep.

<Reader’s contribution: Yam>

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