Boliao Eggme Khor Opens Temporary Bus Stop with Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

You know wayang has come to a new low when you see an MP using her paid work hours to cut ribbon for a temporary bus stop then posting the whole affair on Facebook.

For the record, it’s not even any special bus stop but just an old-looking TEMPORARY bus stop! How come there was no ribbon-cutting ceremony for any temporary bus interchange, temporary hawker centre, temporary carpark or temporary toilet all these years in Singapore?

Simple reason: Why should we?

Said netizen Simon Lim, “Given the quantum of her political salary that our country and our taxpayers are paying her, such an ostentatious display of a petty achievement is an outright insult to our intelligence and an utter waste of everybody’s time energy, resources and precious money and she must be promptly called out and shamed publicly”.

If she has nothing better to do other than to fry bee hoon at home, then at least adopt a low profile. It’s better than flaunting such an “achievement” like many of her other PAP peers.

Apparently, it’s not the first time Eggmy has cut ribbon for boliao things. One of her other “achievements” was cutting ribbon for a recycle bin.

What ribbon will she cut next? Toilet?

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