MOE Scholar Sexually Groomed NUS Student He Tutored

A NUS student Tow Ying Xiang, formerly from Tembusu College, made a shocking revelation about being a victim of on-campus sexual misconduct and sexual grooming for over a year. The alleged perpetuator was a former student tutor in CS1010S: Programming Methodology, who also happens to be a MOE scholar.

The MOE scholar pretended to befriend his females victims by giving them a listening ear. During their conversations, the pervert will occasionally sent them multiple messages with sexual advances or descriptions about his sexual urges.

Here are are some of the messages exchanged with the MOE scholar. Readers can decide if these messages contain sexual advances:

When the victim finally gathered courage to inform the NUS departments and also the Vice-Dean of Computing and then Vice Provost (Student Life) Florence Ling of the tutor’s inappropriate conduct, she hit roadblocks with unreasonable and unsupportive requests. The victim reported multiple systematic failures with the NUS reporting processes.

As a sign of how low this issue was prioritized, the victim still had to attend classes under the alleged perpetrator for almost two weeks, since her first whistle-blow in February, before getting any sort of protection or class transfer.

The NUS Victim Care Unit (VCU) which is supposed to care for victims of sexual misconduct, instead left Tow Ying Xiang feeling dehumanised. The Care Officer made “bogglingly insulting and insensitive remarks”, some of which insinuated that the victim was vengeful against the staff because she was “academically weak” in the particular module.

Apparently this student was not his only female who received such unwanted sexual advances. When Tow Ying Xiang approached other ladies, they seemed to acknowledge that the MOE Scholar had sent them messages with sexual innuendos. One of them even tried to brush it off as a “misunderstanding.”

Through her interactions with NUS VCU and the Vice Provost, Tow Ying Xiang feels NUS is facilitating and has facilitated predatory behaviour in the past — and this is not just those of sexual nature. She is frustrated about the alleged lack of care NUS has given to vulnerable students who have taken measures to raise such problems.

Based on her interactions with the authorities, there may be a good chance this MOE scholar will still be on track to becoming a full-fledged teacher with potential access to more cohorts of underaged vulnerable females.

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