Jolovan Wham arrested… FOR HOLDING A SMILEY FACE

Fellow Singaporeans,

If you’ve read the title of this, that is the entire article and why it’s ridiculous that I’m even ranting about it.

A civil rights activist got fined $5000… FOR HOLDING A SIGN WITH A SMILEY FACE DOODLED ON IT.

Let me break this down. A $5000 fine. Which would make him ineligible to ever run for elections within our country, financially harm him in the short term and place him within the Criminal Registry. And in the middle of this Pandemic which has made work hard.

He didn’t even remove his mask. One man, with perhaps the help of a stranger passing by. Being arrested for “Unlawful Assembly”.

I have tolerated much of the downsides within our authoritarian society. Being forced to learn patriotic stuff in Secondary School (cough cough Social Studies), understanding that I can’t criticize the gahmen in front of cops, being forced to adhere to restrictions that don’t make much sense like waiting 3 years longer to smoke while I can drink at this exact moment… But this is an insult to our intelligence, our humanity and the “Democratic principles” our Republic is supposed to be built on.

Now that I know Uncle Lee is watching everyone’s social media feed… I suppose I’m gonna be arrested for taking a selfie holding a cardboard sign with a frowny face ? Like if I drew this: 😡 , posed & posted it on Instagram the cops would burst through my HDB block and be like “Police ! You’re under arrest for a selfie that offends the government !”

Be mad. Get angry. Even if its against the quiet nature of our land. What is happening is wrong and you, dear reader know it ! The only way evil people do stuff is for good people to do nothing and all that ! Spread the word along with this Reuters news article to prove that the very existence of this situation is insane !

Until the next Incident or Injustice… I am your loyal reader Justin

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