Lee Suet Fern Disagrees With 15-Month Suspension Ordered By Court of Three Judges

In an unsurprising announcement, the Court of Three Judges consisting of Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, Judge of Appeal Judith Prakash and Justice Woo Bih Li, ordered the suspension of Lee Suet Fern from legal practice for 15 months.

The Court of Three Judges were looking into the Law Society’s application to disbar Lee Suet Fern over her “improper conduct” in handling Lee Kuan Yew’s (LKY) will. The judges claimed Lee Suet Fern caused “material harm” that allegedly led to LKY signing a document he did not wished to sign.

Her loving husband Lee Hsien Yang defended her as an internationally-renowned legal professional with an unblemished career record. He also shared Lee Suet Fern’s disagreement with her 15-month suspension.

“I disagree with this decision. There was no basis for this case to have even been initiated.

This was a private will. Lee Kuan Yew knew what he wanted. He got what he wanted. The Court of Three did not find that he was of unsound mind or that he was not in control. He made the decision to revert to his landmark 2011 will following discussions with his lawyer Kwa Kim Li before I was tasked to find a witness. Anyone can revoke their own will while they are alive. If this will was not what Lee Kuan Yew wanted, he could easily have made another, as he had done several times before. The Court of Three found that “he [Lee Kuan Yew] was content with it [this will]”.

No complaint had ever been lodged by my father-in-law, Lee Kuan Yew, nor by any of his beneficiaries or his personal lawyer for his various wills, Kwa Kim Li. This case arose from a complaint years later by the Attorney-General’s Chambers. Lee Hsien Loong made extensive submissions, but did not present himself as a witness and was not subject to cross-examination.”

The Court of Three found “no solicitor-client relationship existed” between Lee Kuan Yew and myself. The Court found there was no dishonesty in my dealings with Lee Kuan Yew and there was no finding that the will was procured by fraud or undue influence. Probate for Lee Kuan Yew’s will had been granted by the courts in 2015. Probate had been sought on the urging of Lee Hsien Loong and Lucien Wong, before he became Attorney-General.”

Lee Suet Fern’s son Li Shengwu has sharper words reserved for his dear uncle. He called Lee Hsien Loong a shameless leader who uses “state resources to settle grudges against relatives.” Li Shengwu said the Singapore Prime Minister should resign immediately instead of continuing to undermine Singapore’s rule of law.

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