Sum Yi Tai Bar Closes Down After Landlord Insisted On Pre-Covid19 Rent

Sum Yi Tai is a popular Cantonese Tapas Bar located at 25 Boon Tat Street. The establishment occupied 4 floors of its rented unit for the past 6 years. However many of its usual customers were sad to learn that Sum Yi Tai announced it was shutting down its operations at the Boon Tat Street unit.

According to their Facebook post, Sum Yi Tai claimed their landlord had recently insisted on collecting “pre Covid rent.” The Sum Yi Tai team was unable to fulfil this requirement as F&B outlets are still not earning at their pre-Covid19 capabilities. If they are to pay up “pre Covid rent”, their business will become unviable. So the team was forced to give up renting the Boon Tat Street unit.

The landlord gave the team a scheduled deadline to handover the unit at 18 November 2020 4PM, with the added conditions of the place cleared of loose furniture and rubbish. Unfortunately the team allegedly faced some hiccups due to two employees of their landlord Taiko Properties representing Ricardo Portabello Peralta.

The team claimed that the two female employees had unreasonably demanded the premises to be cleared of rubbish by 4PM even though the place appeared to be cleaned up. The team’s claims were backed up with photographic evidence of the cleared out bar.

When the team tried to request for an handover extension to meet the landlord’s cleanliness standards, the employees refused and apparently threatened legal action against the team as there was still loose items around and “look at the (dirty) state of this place”. The pictures taken at 18 November 2020 4PM will speak for themselves.

The whole handover drama eventually ended when the Sum Yi Tai team finally cleared out and left their keys behind. The team was puzzled by this aggressive bullying behaviour displayed by the two employees but was glad to be rid of this rental unit.

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