Singaporean Tormented By Ghosts That “Took Over” His Buddha Amulet

A Singaporean’s experience with the supernatural ended with him exorcising the spirits after they disturbed him through the night and started physical assaults.

His story began after attending a funeral wake. The man felt something paranormal had followed him home. His fears were realised when the unseen force scratched his neck. The physical attacks continued to the point where it started to pinch him at night.

Even though the man was wearing a Buddha amulet, he did not think it was strange that the spirit could still assault him. The hauntings worsened as he was being kept awake at night through hugs and constant “urgings” to recite Buddhist chants for “it”. Luckily he managed to appease “it” by saying he needed sleep so he could can pray the next day.

Faced by such hauntings, the man went to a temple medium and he shockingly learned that he was being by 53 male adult and child ghosts. The medium spoke with the ghosts and they apparently followed the man from the basement carpark of the funeral wake.

The spirits said they had entered and taken over the Buddha amulet on the man’s neck. They continued to follow him as they “loved” how he had unknowingly chanted Buddhist scriptures for them through this amulet.

The ghosts were also reluctant to leave him because he was a “beautiful girl”. The man eventually learned that these spirits may have looking at his past life when he was female. The scars on his neck were caused by some of the ghosts “kissing” him.

Fortunately the medium was able to negotiate with the 53 ghosts to leave the man after inviting them to stay at the “Buddhist temple of the other world.” This process involved an exorcism called the “Mandi bunga” where the man had to beat every part of his body to get rid of them.

After this tiring cleansing ritual, the man felt a sense of relief. He later shared how these spirits meant him no harm. They only craved his prayers and chanting so that they will be reborn earlier. Now that the 53 spirits are at the temple, they can peacefully wait for their karma to “exhaust” and be reborn.

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