5 Compelling Reasons Why Benjamin Matchap Should Be NCMP

Benjamin Matchap (“Ben Matchap”) is a well-known face among Singapore youths. He is currently photographer specialising in portrait photography. However he also is not afraid of standing in front of a camera to speak up on uncomfortable/troubling issues, or even share his sincere views on social topics.

It is with great pleasure to share that Ben Matchap is considering a role in Singapore Parliament as our NCMP (Non-constituency Member of Parliament).

For those who don’t already know him, we present 5 compelling reasons why Ben Matchap deserves your support for a place in Parliament:

1. Ben Matchap is sincere and honest. This is a trait which lacks in a number of elected persons even though some have promised a “listening ear and a willing heart.” Ben Matchap has always spoken from the heart even in his early days of vlogging, and he promises to continue discussing a bunch of issues as NCMP.

2. Ben Matchap will single-handedly broaden the range of issues being brought up in Parliament. There is a broad spectrum of Singaporeans whose views or needs may be overlooked. Fortunately Ben has been through many facades of our education system from Express and Normal Academic streams, ITE for sports studies and finally to LaSalle for film studies. His range of educational experience will serve Singaporeans well when discussing about the challenges faced by students in the “non-elite” school systems.

3. Ben Matchap is also able to relate to those in the non-typical social lasses. He claims to be part of this same social class, the types who may be less privileged (“the same social class that has to buy 1 ply toilet paper and eat less just so your bank account does not hit zero before the next paycheck comes”). This is crucial for our political system as Parliament is overwhelmingly being represented by elites and beneficiaries of wealth, who are struggling to understand the difficulties of the middle to lower-income families.

4. Ben Matchap has never been part of any political party. This is important as the views he presents in Parliament will not be tainted by any prior political ideology. As NCMP he will become an important politically-neutral voice.

5. Ben Matchap is youthful and this will be an edge when it comes to raising the issues Singaporean youths face. Based on the current demographics of the 14th Parliament of Singapore, many politicians are in their middle or advanced ages. How can they hope to understand the struggles of the younger population? A clear example was how younger families of Sengkang GRC convincingly voted out the PAP for fresh and younger Worker Party candidates who could represent the views of young families.

The road to Parliament for Benjamin Matchap is not an easy one. He does not have money to spend on ads. He also does not have political influence or elitist backers to fall back on to promote himself. However, this does not mean he cannot get into Parliament.

What Ben needs from us is to spread word about his bid for NCMP. Inform your family and friends about who Benjamin Matchap is, and why he can best represent their views!


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