MOE Continues To Offer Job Scholarships For Overseas Applicants

A contributor shared a job advertisement by the Ministry of Education (MOE) which is offering positions for overseas applicants. The job opportunity is a Teaching Scholars Programme for International & Other Qualifications only.

MOE has outlined a specific guideline that this job applies only to persons who have “international qualification” such as Malaysia STPM/UEC, India Standard 12, Indonesia SMA UAN, PRC GaoKao, Vietname High Graduation Certificate, etc. This recruitment exercise is in conjunction with NTU’s yearly University Admissions Exercise.

The contributor is upset that MOE continues to offer traineeships for foreigners when local graduates are already finding it difficult to apply for jobs. The issue is worsen as it is unsure if MOE is giving fair consideration for local polytechnic graduates.

It is worrying how MOE seems like it is not making extra effort to draw upon the local talent who come from Singapore’s own education systems. The contributor is concerned about Singapore’s cultural and learning values being eroded by these teachers.

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