FDW Upset With Rude Taxi Drivers

Hi All Singapore Stuff,

I am working as a helper. I just feel a bit down when sometimes I meet with rude taxi drivers out there.

We helpers do not always know the road route well, so why are some of the taxi drivers not using a map? Or they just don’t want to use? Or what?

And sometimes these drivers just being so unreasonably rude. I hope that all taxi drivers will please at least respect a bit, because we take ride also not for free. Even sometimes I will give more then the fare charged.

Please don’t act like we helpers are trash. Be kind and friendly to all passengers, not just to local citizens please.. Your passengers are the same no matter whatever their job or status, am I right?

Correct me if I’m wrong but I knew Singapore as a very beautiful place to stay. It is save and fair and I knew a lot of drivers were very kind and friendly.

Thank u hv gd day.


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