Sengkang Residents Expecting Double Blessings From He Ting Ru And Raeesah Khan

Sengkang GRC residents will soon be welcoming another pair of babies, but from separate mothers. The Workers’ Party (WP) MPs Raeesah Khan and He Ting Ru are likely expectant mothers!

MP Raeesah Khan announced her pregnancy during the first day of the 14th Parliament of Singapore back in Aug 2020. Raeesah Khan had her first child, a son, back in Jul 2019.

Recently WP veteran Sylvia Lim made an Instagram post with MP He Ting Ru which indirectly suggested she is expecting. He Ting Ru and her husband Terence Tan is already the proud mother of two children, both sons.

Both MPs have not let their pregnancies get in the way of serving their residents. Raeesah Khan and He Ting Ru still maintain long hours of Meet-the-People Sessions (MPS), and even continue with their walkabouts around their wards.

Sengkang GRC is known to be a constituency with many young families. Perhaps He Ting Ru and Raeesah Khan appealed to the voters as they were a good reflection of these Sengkang young families, and they could relate to the issues faced by these younger demographic.

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