Karl Liew Lied and Cheated Businessman of $6.5Million in Investments in 2018

During his days as a private banker, Karl Liew Kai Lung was sued by a businessman who was his former client, over $6.5 million in investments that he had guaranteed the businessman.

The High Court had found him liable for the $6.5 million in investments and also for deceit in making false representations to the businessman about the investments in China. At that time, Liew was his fund manager and had sourced for and recommended the investment products him.

During the trial, the Judicial Commissioner Audrey Lim said: “I find Liew to be a dishonest and evasive witness, whose evidence was riddled with inconsistencies,”

From this instance, we can see that Karl Liew is a compulsive liar with a history of lying and making false representations in court. He has no regard for the law, and only for himself. It is not surprising that in the case of Parti Liyani, he is also charged with lying to the police about the evidence collected.

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