Liew Mun Leong’s Bad Behaviour As CAG Chairman, Shouts At Staff “Do You Know Who I Am?”

The ex CAG Chairman (Lets call him LML here). When the Parti Liyani case came up, my colleagues talked about it and we have no doubts the maid is innocent.

That guy acts like a gangster. I used to work in changi airport’s info counter, and there was this particular incident of LML that put him in very bad light among airport staff. Just a bit of background, info counter is managed by Pserv Kelly Services (we’re outsourced) and CAG is our client. Service staff always get treated like 2nd class citizen.

There was a guy (lets call him Mr D) who came to the info counter and asked my colleague why didn’t he stop a kid from playing with the trolley / some scooter (by right its not allowed in airport because it might cause accidents) but we normally dont stop kids because these days parents are so protective of their kids and service staff like us get scolded for doing our job. So my colleague went and asked the kid nicely to stop, then he went back to the info counter and saw that Mr D has an airport pass, so he is an airport staff too. So my colleague said something along the lines of if he is an airport staff, he can also play a part to make changi airport a better place by asking the kid to stop as well. (It doesnt have to be info counter staff, because CAG always advocate “one changi”… So much so that they have this huge poster showing awards given to teams of mixure airport staffs from different companies at staff entrances). Mr D got triggered and shouted at my colleague saying “so now I ask you to do your job you dont want to do lah?” Then he left the counter.

A few moments later he came back and brought another guy with him. Then the other guy stared at my colleague and asked, “Do you know who I am?” Then proceed throw his namecard and scream in his face that he is the chairman of CAG. Then berated my colleague that he doesnt want to do his job, and he saw my colleague’s nametag and shouted in his face like an ahbeng “You singaporean or not? YOU SINGAPOREAN OR NOT? YOU WANT TO GO BACK TO VIETNAM?” (Btw i heard LML himself is not born Singaporean, so playing the nationality card is really wtf)

One of my manager from Pserv tried to fight for my colleague, he didnt do anything wrong, was professional throughout, didnt raise his voice at the chairman etc so we thought he had a fighting chance because theres cctv at the info counter and a mic as well (YES, microphones are installed at ALL info counters) but CAG locked all the footages and recordings so my manager cannot access them. Not sure if they were deleted. In the end my colleague was asked to “swallow pride as vietnamese” to sign a warning letter but he refused and he was straight up fired. This happened around 3 years back. From then on, every info counter in airport has a piece of paper with the CAG Chairman and CEOs’ faces printed on it. We have to memorise them. Talk about elitism.

By the way, the Mr D that came to the counter and asked my colleague to stop the kid from playing the trolley/scooter is LML’s PERSONAL DRIVER. I remember some other staff questioned how come Mr D who is not working in the airport has an airport pass? (Pass can grant him access to transit areas in the airport depending on the areas designated on the card, bottom line is, if you not airport staff you shouldnt have the pass at all) And mind you, to have an airport pass, screenings are needed frm SPF to ensure you are working in airport etc. So are false records submitted by LML to SPF? Or SPF knows Mr D not working at the airport but still approve the airport pass? The staff that asked this question was rebutted with “he is the chairman, he can do whatever he wants. If you become his daughter in law and ask for an airport pass you can get it too.” Afterwards nobody dared to say anything regarding this incident already…

And this is not the only story of his trashy family. I heard quite a few from CAG interns too. One of which is LML’s wife wanna go overseas, drove her car to the airport and insisted to park in the staff carpark (free/discounted prices) instead of public carpark. The carpark attendent uncle didnt allow her to do so. Soon afterwards he was fired. Coincidence? We think not.

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