Do Singaporeans Even Have Any Choice?

A Singaporean shared his frustrations with the lack of choices in this country. He feels things and decisions have been forced onto citizens since birth, and our freedom continues to be eroded away… unless the underperforming overpaid Ministers are voted out.

His post published in full:

I didn’t choose to be born here as a citizen of Singapore. If I had a choice, I would have chosen to be born either in Switzerland, Japan, Canada, Hawaii or Alaska.

I didn’t have a choice when it came to taking PSLE, “O” levels & serving NS as well as Reservist. What choices do we have in this country? We have everything dictated to us and we have to obey otherwise we run foul of the Law. How fair are our laws? We must contribute to CPF & Medi-save no matter what. I am sure many of us have received threatening letters from CPF board regarding non contribution or late deposits into “our” CPF accounts. Does our CPF truly 100% belong to us?

Now we have to have a dog tag in order to be allowed entry and access to certain places. Did they ask us for our permission? Did they consult us? Do they ever consult us? Do they respect us as citizens or regard us only as their ATM machine? Why treat us like dogs and give preferential treatment to FTs? They even have the audacity to add insult to injury by trying to label us as Xenophobes when we question CECA and why HR departments are helmed by FTs hiring their own people!

What little freedom we had and have are slowly being taken away. Should we just accept this? Is this acceptable? Should a government treat its own citizens like economic digits and run the country like a profit making corporation?

We have 2 choices now! Keep quiet and accept the status quo or join an Opposition party and work our arses off to get rid of these underperforming overpaid Ministers cum 2025.

What do you choose? Do you choose to fight or let the incumbent continue to stifle and strangle you to death?


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