Collin’s Customer Disappointed With Service Recovery

A netizen was having a meal at the Ang Mo Kio branch of Collin’s restaurant on 31 October when she encountered an unpleasant experience with her food and how the matter was handled by a service staff.

As the netizen had order the Collin’s recommended set meal, it came along with the soup of the day: truffle mushroom soup. Soon after the netizen discovered a piece of plastic in the soup and called for the manager.

However she was shocked by the lack of responsibility in the manager’s explanation. According to her, the manager casually replied that the plastic sheet had fallen into the soup when the kitchen crew opened the soup packet. The best he could offer was to change the soup for her.

The netizen failed to get an apology from the manager, and also did not receive any further compensation for this mistake. She was disappointed how this incident was handled and hopes Collin’s high management will look into this matter and improve their service recovery.

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