Cat Carcass Found In Pail At Serangoon MSCP

A netizen shared a heartbreaking story of a cat carcass which was found at Blk 239 Serangoon Avenue 2 (graphic photo of the carcass below).

The netizen was informed by the Town Council upon making the grisly discovery. It seems the dead cat was found inside a blue pail which was left at the Serangoon multi-storey carpark (MSCP). Based on a photograph she provided, there also appeared to be some murky liquid in the pail.

The Town Council hoped the netizen could help make final arrangements for the cat. The netizen has already contacted a cremation company. The cat is a female, not sterilized and not microchipped. She is also not a community cat.

However she hopes the cat’s owner or anyone with information about the cat will come forward before she proceeds with the cremation in a day’s time.

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