Local Suppliers Losing Earnings and Inventory Due to Robinson’s Liquidation

If you’re thinking of heading down to Robinson’s closing down sales to grab a steal, you might want to think again as you might unknowingly be “stealing” these items from small local businesses.

Apparently, it seems that Robinsons has not paid a single cent to local suppliers who place their products on a consignment basis with them. With their closure, Robinsons is also not allowing suppliers to withdraw and collect their products back, while at the same time, encouraging customers to buy these products where the money will not reach the suppliers.

Some local business owners had to resort to going down to Robinsons to claim back their products by force, and luckily they managed to salvage most of their goods. Unfortunately, it seems likely that the sales generated from these poor owners from August onwards will not reach them.

This is totally unethical and unscrupulous of Robinsons! Please continue to share this so that small business owners can be protected by trade laws and not be taken advantage of by big businesses!!

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