HDB Needs To Be More Transparent About The BTO Balloting Process

Dear All Singapore Stuff,

Kindly post this up and would like to hear from the Government about this. It’s time that the Government/HDB should be transparent about the BTO balloting process. The motherhood statements do not help anymore.

1) In the recent Dakota BTO, a person whom was mistakenly placed as a 2nd timer ended up taking a queue as Z0140 under the Dakota 4R BTO. At the same time queue 140 for the same room Dakota 4R BTO was present in the same telegram chatroom.

It seems that HDB could slot someone in simply after the ballot result. In this case what would be the significance of the ballot? It feels like the ballot process is very dodgy and lack of transparency. HDB claimed that they require 3 weeks to do the ballot as they need to verify all the applicants’ details. Is that really so? Or just another motherhood/politically correct answer?

2) Balloting Methodology: Priority schemes exist but however the balloting methodology is not explained to the public. For example, the sequence of balloting a number could influence the results and the strategy of public. It was mentioned that HDB will ballot PPS first followed by MCPS and Public scheme if one is eligible for these 3 main schemes.

Is the queue number given at this instance or it was randomised after eligible applicants were selected? How do we know that the proportion of application is represented in the flat supply, AKA the 1st 100% of queue number? 5% 2nd timer, 95% 1st timer for mature estates/ 15% 2nd timer, 85% 1st timer for non-mature estates (consisting of 30% MCPS, 30% PPS and the rest public)

a) Selection Methodology: GRO and MGPS has different selection methodology, in which they are allowed to choose from a selected pool of units. For GRO this number is 5% and MGPS is 20%. If they have less than 5% and 20% applying respectively, the maximum number of units still remain the same. For example, if only 0.5% GRO applies, they can choose still from 5% of supply. Same goes for the MGPS. Why is PPS and MCPS treated differently and considered as Public? Especially for PPS applicants, there might not be 30% applying and some people are very bad queue number has to compete with non-priority schemes holder. In my opinion, Priority Schemes are meant to help, however it seems that PPS and MCPS schemes do not have same quality of assistance as GRO and MGPS. If luck is not on PPS and MCPS holder’s side, their number could be cluttered
at the back.

3) Deterring people whom ballot for fun: Currently it just takes $10 to ballot for a BTO without much effort and understanding of that they are going into, or especially for people who is trying their luck without serious consideration. For some young people or students, they might not know if they could afford a flat or without much financial knowledge.

What can the government do to minimize such applicants? It is extremely unfair for people who are sincerely in need of flats who could not get the flats due to these selfish acts. Is government/HDB is focusing to generate more profit and getting more commercialised?

Frustrated SG Citizen

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