Two Guesses Why AGC Is Refusing To Negotiate With Parti Liyani

Basically, after Ms Parti Liyani’s wrong conviction (that was eventually
overturned), resulted in 4 years worth of loss in income, huge monetary
expenses from the pro-bono lawyers and humanitarian groups that helped her, (not to mention their own personal sacrifices). But despite her losses, she cannot claim more than $10,000.

Ms Liyani could have pleaded guilty and served 2 years of time, but instead
she maintained her innocence and persevered.

And what was her reward? A second slap to the face by the AGC! (No, not a
literal slap. I have to make that clear, or else, you know?)

Anyway, negotiations with the AGC have broken down. I can only assume that it means they told her to go fly kite. Wow. Literally adding insult to injury. Asked for a mere fraction of what she lost, and the answer is no.

Even if AGC had agreed to compensate her, it’s not like the money is going to come out of their pockets anyway. So why is AGC refusing to negotiate? I
don’t know the reason. But I can guess.

My first guess. As far as the AGC is concerned, THERE WAS NO MISTAKE. Just because her conviction was overturned, doesn’t mean the AGC made a mistake. THE AGC HAS NEVER MADE A MISTAKE AND WILL NEVER MAKE A MISTAKE. They want to make sure the public knows that.

Second guess. They want to make sure they don’t set a precedence. A
precedence that someone screwed by the system, can just saunter up to them and demand money. If you got screwed, blame it on your own bad luck!

Again, these are just guesses. Nothing more than speculation.

By the way, do you guys know who the AGC is? Lucien Wong.

There. Just leaving this fact out there.

Get this straight. Whatever you assume, whatever you believe, that is YOUR
responsibility! Don’t go and put words in my mouth, saying I go and tell you
colorful story hor!

Anyway. To conclude, perhaps its time we consider very carefully if some
personnel should be replaced.

Now, what was that famous line our esteemed Law Minister said? The rot is at somewhere somewhere?

Angry Citizen

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