Daniel De Costa: 158th Media Publishes Fake News

I refer to the 158th media’s publication covering the second day of my joint TOC “criminal defamation” trial that was supposed to proceed first but had the number 2 charge went on ahead instead.

The day also witnessed the truancy of all other 158th media writers from the State media of SPH and Mediacorp.

I am rather surprised to find this line in the paper that states there was “corruption in the highest echelons” of the PAP leadership. That was never what I had written.

I am more startled to discover that ST not only publishes fake news but also possesses the ability to time travel and amend pieces to set narratives that weren’t present previously.

ST’s credibility rankings have been slipping to levels previously unseen and subscriptions, hitting record lows.

As President Trump said: “When you publish fake news, you’re an enemy of the people”.

Dan De Costa

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