Inconsiderate Ladies Hog Starbucks Tables Despite Covid19 Measures

According to reader Kayo, two studious ladies occupied a corner table at the ION Orchard Starbucks branch despite not ordering any drinks. Our reader was at Starbucks on the morning of 25 Oct when these two ladies walked in, sat at a table and simply started to use their laptops.

When the ladies did not order anything from the cafe, our reader thought they were just waiting for the breakfast to be over. Instead they conveniently placed a Starbucks cup of water on their table.

It was until an hour later when one of the Starbucks staff went up to these ladies to ask if they have ordered anything. One of the ladies gave a hushed reply. After 5 to 10 minutes later, both ladies packed their stuff and left the premises.

Our reader recalled seeing these same ladies while passing by a nearby The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf branch. They were using the power outlets and just as busy doing their studies or work.

Our reader feels these ladies should be mindful not to occupy tables for hours as eateries like Starbucks, Coffee Bean, McDonald’s are not the place to study and occupy the place for a small cup coffee. Things are worse now that eateries have lesser tables for genuine customers due to Covid19 safe distancing measures. These places will lose business if such inconsiderate people continue to hog tables for hours.

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