Architect Tay Kheng Soon: Singapore Must Think Beyond The Defunct LKY Vision

NUS professor and veteran architect Tay Kheng Soon believes Singapore needs to have a new vision beyond the defunct Lee Kuan Yew vision of a “Global City.” Noticing how the Covid19 pandemic has wrecked the global economy, Tay Kheng Soon says it shows the vulnerabilities and outdatedness of LKY’s vision. The world has changed since Singapore achieved its status as a Global City.

Singapore needs to move beyond being a little red dot that services the world. Even though Singapore is a small country, the new vision has to focus on using our resources, infrastructure, banks, logistics, education, connections and most of all our Asia-ness to start an ASEAN rebirth.

Tay Kheng Soon believes this new vision can be achieved in the following ways:

  1. Start by renewing our own democratic spirit and grow opportunities with our neighbours within the next 5 to 10 years instead of being a victim of global stagnation.
  2. Turn all our Universities, Polys, ITEs into work-study and social learning places. Once our youth are not only book smart but also life smart, divide the island into four self administrative regions N.S.E.W to employ our people both young and old in managing our own municipal affairs. This way people learn to govern themselves by creating many earn and learn community projects. This way we grow a new mindset.
  3. Turn Singapore into Education City, where friendships formed with Asean Students who have lived and learned with us and their families can develop into strong regional bonds for our Regional economic future.
  4. Establish a Green Regional Bank based on huge idle funds drawn from Offshore Accounts at 0.5% interest to finance the Greening of our Regional economy in a win-win arrangement. Once this establishes a robust Johore, Malaca, Sumatra, Batam and Singapore economy, this model will expand outwards to the whole of Asean and onwards to India, Europe, China and East Asia even as USA sinks into decay.
  5. There will be a tremendous growth of opportunity for creative and innovative jobs for everyone.

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