Don’t Steal Vouchers From People

Fellow Singaporeans. As we march through the pandemic, it seems that the social fabric of nations are crumbling.

The West has an identity crisis from an extreme ideology they thought was defeated 30 years ago. The Chinese Dragon now marching angrily, secretly thinks why he was instigated into fighting an uphill battle in the first place.

And while I will admit that the shortcomings we have to face are incredibly mild as compared to the decay of superpowers or the implosion of anarchy in failed states, this horrid act a few days ago entails that the cracks within our society are opening faster.

A woman in Toa Payoh went through a HDB block and decided to steal $10 vouchers given out to people via Budget 2020 to buy groceries. Groceries… that are getting stretched thinner and thinner as a result of international trade crippling the means for a farmer an ocean away to sell off his crops to end up on your bowl.

What the hell is wrong with us ?! I know we have several underlying issues like the lack of civil rights or undervalued standards of living… but how can a person even consider stealing something important to someone who may have less than you?

Especially in these times of struggle behind the usually clean-cut architecture of our nation ? Where is this “Kampung Spirit” my Ah Kong used to reminisce about so long ago ? Neighbours helping neighbours, enough collective trust to not lock doors and the feeling of community ? Are we all forced to shield ourselves in our homes as our hearts get darker and our brains corrupted by wanton greed ?

I am not even sure if it is something to rant on, I mean it was a small handful at most. But the fact that one person got caught means that there could be dozens more who have done something similar and got away with it.

At this moment, the small amount of monies that the government has tossed to try and help and suddenly your neighbour could try and snatch it to spend the $10 he has in physical money for his own leisure purposes.

To bring the point home: DON’T STEAL ANYTHING. As if I actually had to lecture people on this. And if this actually convinced you NOT to steal from your nearest stack of postboxes… God(s) help us all

Until the next incident or injustice, I am your loyal reader Justin

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