PHV Driver Makes Startling Discovery Under Seat

Many Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) drivers work long hours and they can meet a variety of passengers while doing their rounds. Unfortunately for PHV driver Fyzal Anwerbag, one of his passengers would cause him to end up at the police station.

Fyzal recounted how he had just finished his shift, and probably out of habit he checked the interior of his PHV car. It was then he discovered someone had discreetly left a police ankle tag under the driver’s seat. Based on his photos, the black tracker appeared to be a cleanly cut with some tool. These trackers are usually attached to the ankles of offenders, so this particular passenger might have been trying to make an escape.

Fyzal eventually decided to hand over this evidence to the police station. He spent over three hours at the station as the police officers had to check with various departments and many offices were not working as it was after hours.

He reminds other PHV drivers to do similar checks every time they end a shift.

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