GrabFood Rider Seeks Public Understanding On Challenges Faced By Delivery Riders

A GrabFood delivery rider shared her feelings of frustration about making a perfect delivery. Her post was sparked by an unfortunate incident where one of the drinks she delivered was spilled and even made her delivery bag drip.

She explained that delivery riders do not want to spill their food or drinks on purpose. Unluckily for her the restaurant handed over a drink which did not have its lid closed properly. As she was also in a rush to send her stacked orders, she did not check if the lids were tight. She hopes that restaurants and merchants will consider using special cups for delivery to prevent such unwanted spillage.

The delivery rider then wrote about other challenges delivery riders face on a daily basis as they send orders in a timely and professional manner. Even when the cups have their lids tightened, delivery riders sometimes ride on bumpy roads. They will either spill the drinks without knowing or will have to ride slowly to prevent spilling.

At times when they ride too slowly on the roads, impatient cars will honk at riders or give a “what the heck” look. She says that delivery riders do not want to inconvenience other road users, and sometimes they cannot ride faster due to LTA speed regulations.

Overall she hopes the public will be more understanding as delivery riders are trying to work for a living and doing all they can to send the food as perfectly as how the the restaurant had given to them.

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