Grabfood Customer Tried to Cancel Wrong Order But Told Food Would Be Disposed Instead

I placed order with GrabFood for Mcdonald’s delivery on 19 Oct at 5.29pm. While placing the order, I realised the delivery address wrong at the wrong place.

Subsequently, I tried to cancel the order via the app but was not able to. When a rider accepted my order, I texted him if he can deliver to my actual location. However, he mentioned that he only deliver to the app’s chosen location.

So I told the rider I try to call up GrabFood and ask for cancellation. In the call, the CSO told me that they cannot cancel the order as it is my fault as the customer to choose the wrong address.

I told the CSO “but there is no one there to collect these food”. She replied me this “the standard internal SOP is that if no one collect the food at the location, they are to dispose the food”.

My opinion, I do not mind paying a bit more to the rider for him to make the effort to send to me at the actual location. But is GrabFood actually a good platform to use when it is against the customers?

Why did Grabfood ask the riders to throw away the food when there is no one to pick up at the wrong location?

Is it because GrabFood only cares for their incentive earn from the merchant and ignore the fact that they are encouraging their rider to throw away food?

In the end, the rider personally agree to deliver to me, and I top up cash to him.. so as not to waste food.

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