Raeesah Khan Supports Minimum Wage After Her Experiences With Low-Wage Workers

This week The Workers’ Party (WP) MPs like Pritam Singh and Jamus Lim put up a strong proposal to implement a $1,300 monthly minimum wage to support low-income workers. Sengkang MP Raeesah Khan has also spoken up on this issue. She offers a perspective as someone who has worked with those who earn below livable wage.

Raeesah Khan has experience working with some of the 100,000 people who earn less than $1,300 monthly. She has seen for herself their living conditions in cramped houses or in bench tents or at temporary shelters. The feedback she received from interacting with this segment of Singaporeans was a trapped feeling of an never-ending cycle they cannot break free off without aid.

During her Meet-the-People Sessions (MPS), many low wage workers have also approached Raeesah Khan and the WP volunteers for help.

In a time when Singapore is facing a pandemic, people focused on calling for solidarity with Singaporeans from all segments of the population while saying that we are only as strong as our most vulnerable. Citizens should therefore ensure that people earn a liveable wage even after the majority of Singapore recovers from these tough times.

Will those who oppose a minimum wage be able to look these low wage workers in the eye and tell them in the face that a $1,300 monthly wage is justifiable?

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