Inconsiderate Uncle Disrupting The Peace At Tampines N2 Shopping Street

Dear All Singapore Stuff,

I would like to bring to your attention and escalate a very active noise pollution case caused by a healthy looking elderly man.

The ordeal and noise pollution take place at the road-facing sheltered/seating area between 201D and 201E Tampines Street 21/23 near guardian pharmacy. Separate random sessions would start as early from 8am, at lunch, midday, dinner, and after dinner with extremely loud oldies music blasting from his speaker for a couple of hours. He is often seen smoking in the prohibited zone too.

Zero consideration and thoughts are given to the residents living and business owners working nearby. Such display of selfish behavior has been causing my family and myself distress lately as most of us are working from home and couldn’t function properly even with doors and windows closed. It feels like a roadshow taking place daily on irregular hours. There are so many ways to enjoy music but definitely not at the expense of others, especially not within the residents’ compounds.

We have approached him on the 8 Oct to inform him nicely that his music is too loud but it seems that he is very stubborn and resistant against the idea as the music went back to extreme loudness early morning next day at 8am on 9 Oct. We observe that the neighbours have been frustrated and slamming the door too due to the noise pollution.

This “concert” started happening after phase 2 commenced in late June and we have been putting up with it. We really hope that some action can be taken as we are all looking forward to regaining our peace and harmony in our 20 years of living here.

We have reported this pressing matter to the Police, NEA, HDB, town council and MP but no further actions have been taken yet.

Best regards,

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