Tan Kin Lian: High Level Of Corruption In Many Democratic Countries

Tan Kin Lian recently posted his views on high levels of corruption in many democratic countries, where it happens at the top levels involving people with power and influence. Such countries are even worse off when their leaders remain in power for decades and abuse state resources. Such leaders mask their acts behind words like “free market” and “democratic electoral system.”

He also observes that the system creates greater inequality when the appointed regulators of these free markets eventually take on top positions in the private sector after leaving the government service. It seems only the rich and elite get to benefit from such a system.

Does this type of democracy sound familiar?

Tan Kin Lian’s post:
“There is a high level of corruption in many democratic countries.

I am not referring to low level corruption where a lowly paid government servant need to collect small brides to make a living. I refer to corruption at the highest level where people in power favor families and friends and put them in top positions to earn very high income.

The corruption is worse in countries where the leaders remain in power for many decades. These leaders even fix the electoral system and abuse state funds and facilities to remain in power.

They claim to believe in the free market and appoint regulators to ensure that big businesses do not abuse their market power to take advantage of consumers. Sadly, these regulators are also corrupt. They do not control the businesses adequately. In fact many hope to take top position in the same private sector (that they are supposed to regulate) after they leave government service. This is called “the revolving door”.

Do not think that a democratic electoral system and the free market is good for the people. In most cases they lead to a corrupt government, high inequality and a hard life for the people.

The ordinary people in most countries are probably better off with a socialist or even a communist government which has the social goal of uplifting the likelihood of the people and alleviate poverty. It is better to live in a relatively poorer country with more equality than to live in the relatively prosperous country with high inequality.

Do not believe in the propaganda of democracy and free markets. They are deceiving. They serve mainly the rich and elite. They leave the ordinary people with a harsh life and an uncertain future.

Agree or not?”

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