Supersteam Asia Pacific CEO Apologises For A Mistaken Sham Interview

The LinkedIn post by an interviewee who allegedly experienced a three-minute online interview with Lionbots International Pte Ltd has gone viral. The manner in which the interview was conducted apparently felt insincere as the interviewee was only given three minutes to answer three questions by one HR executive.

The viral post caught the attention of Supersteam Asia Pacific’s CEO Dylan Terntzer. He posted a personal apology and explained what had happened. The HR executive was a part-timer who had not graduated yet, and she mistakenly clicked on the “not suitable” link on JobStreet before the interviewee even had the chance to be interviewed.

He also claims the job position title was changed from what was initially advertised because the title “may not reflect the jobscope well.” The CEO asked for understanding as they are a start-up and still learning their way around. This particular interview was not supposed to come across as a sham interview.

The interviewee has also shared his side of the story. His intention was not to shame the company but to just share his personal struggle. While he agrees job seekers cannot force employers to hire them, he feels that they should not have been treated in such a manner. Job seekers like him are professionals with qualified degrees and years of experience behind them and do not deserve such treatment.

The interviewee also questions if the government is doing enough about fair employment practices although much has been preached about it. Fortunately he has not been demoralised by this incident and has learned much about it instead.

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