Lionsbot International Allegedly Granted 3 Minute Interview Just For Show

Our contributor alerted us to a post about a job interview with Lionsbot International Pte Ltd which appeared to be “just for show.” Lionsbot International is a robotics company that focuses on automated cleaning. Even before being invited to an online interview, the interviewee saw that the employer had keyed in an entry which said “not suitable” into the JobStreet portal. When he was invited into an online video call, there was only one Human Resource executive present, and she only asked him three general questions in a three-minute interview.

Could this company be simply going through the motions to say they tried to hire Singaporeans?

The post in full:

“Last week Friday, I received a phone call inviting me for a zoom interview for a CFO post scheduled to be held today 420pm.

But when I logged in jobstreet portal yesterday, the employer logged an entry “not suitable” and I was puzzled so I went back to ask for a reason for the sudden change.

The human resource lady, Wang Yurong, executive of Lionsbot International Pte Ltd which is part of SuperSteam Asia Pacific Pte Ltd replied via email that the interview will proceed.

Today 420pm, i promptly attended the Zoom interview. Noone else except Wang was there. Only 3 questions asked but frankly they are all related to only funding. Interview ended in 3 min. I was wondering why these 3 questions cod be be posted on jobstreet, saving time. It seems to me that the interview is just for show.

I am writing this post to share because I believe some of us will see such things happen to them. I have been searching for near two years. There are good people around and I also believe that there are good employers out there too willing to give us chance. A lot speak about the organisation and its values from the way they conduct themselves. I have stopped getting angry with them. I am glad i seen their true colors today than after i join them.”

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