Pritam Singh And Yee Jenn Jong Reassure That Our Vote Is Secret

The Workers Party (WP) politicians Pritam Singh and Yee Jenn Jong have come forward to reassure Singaporeans that our vote is secret.

Pritam Singh mentioned a “very small section of voters” continue to believe that votes are not secret. A main reason for such fear is because their names are called out by election officials before receiving their ballot slips or serial numbers on ballot slips.

He quoted Low Thia Khiang who once addressed these concerns: 1. the individual voter is not so important that the Government will spend time and effort to know how you voted and 2. Singapore wants to maintain its international image as a trusted place to conduct businesses, and any scandal or sham involving its voting process will cause irreparable damage to our law-abiding status.

Pritam Singh adds that all political parties will oversee any exercise which involves ballot boxes. For example political candidates will be invited into the Supreme Court to inspect and ensure ballot boxes have not been tampered with before they are destroyed at the Tuas incineration plant.

Yee Jenn Jong also comforted Singaporeans by pointing out that around 30-40% of voters have been voting against the PAP every GE, and the government will be unable to go after such a large number of Singaporeans. Even though it is possible to know how voting went at the precinct level, nothing has happened to those precincts that voted for the opposition.

Yee Jenn Jong then shared how impractical it will be to secretly match 2 million votes by serial numbers for every GE. Former civil servants and election officials have also told Yee Jenn Jong that they voted for him or the opposition.

Both WP politicians are 100% certain our vote is secret. So it is important to always make our vote count!

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