SPH Censored Comments About Business Times Subscription Being A Bad Deal

Hi All Singapore Stuff,

SPH has been strongly advertising their Business Times News Tablet bundle on Facebook. The deal offers subscribers access to the Business Times via their exlcusive SPHtab e-paper app which is pre-installed onto a Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite (tablet). Subscribers can sign up for this deal at S$39.90 per month for 30 months.

However if anyone tries to point out that the deal is really a bad deal, that person is quickly blocked, and his comment deleted. I tried adding such a comment to their post(https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=317276412873228) and was blocked within 5 minutes.

My comment:

$39.90 for 30 months = $1200, but

Single digital subscription for 30 months = $300 (http:// btsub.sg/ btp99)

Retail price of tablet = $650 (prices vary according to your trusted online electronics dealer)

So this means subscribers will actually be paying $900 (based on $1200 – $300) to get a $650 tablet, and get locked in for 30 months? Does this look like a good deal?


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